How to Clean Stained Invisalign Aligners

How to clean stained Invisalign aligners? How often should we clean Invisalign aligners? Why do the Invisalign aligners stain? How to avoid the gutters Invisalign do not stain? And finally what are the risks of not cleaning the stained Invisalign aligners?

I. What Is an Invisalign Tray?

The Invisalign trays are orthopedic devices that are used to align teeth having a concern about malocclusion. They are prostheses made of flexible plastic, which are removable and which allow, in the long run, to put the teeth in place.

Invisalign aligners are transparent and comfortable, which explains why more and more people prefer them to traditional dental braces.

II. How to Clean Stained Invisalign Trays?

1. Clean Invisalign with Vinegar

It is possible to use vinegar to clean your Invisalign aligners. For that, plunge your aligners into a mixture of water with a tablespoon of white vinegar.

Let them sit in it all day. This is a method to get rid of the bad smell that daily use of Invisalign can cause.

2. How to clean stained Invisalign  with Hydrogen peroxide

Mix half a glass of hydrogen peroxide with half a glass of water and let it soak for about 20 minutes.

Then, you can proceed to brush your gutters to remove the tartar present. You can also add a spoonful of baking soda to enhance the effect of the solution.

3. Cleansing Crystals for Invisalign

Cleaning crystals are a kind of tablet that you can put in a glass of water. Then soak your aligners in them.

These crystals are not only cleaning and descaling, but they are also antibacterial. This is a great way to clean Invisalign dentures.

4. Soak the Invisalign aligners once a day (half an hour or more)

Soaking the Invisalign aligners is a good way to clean them thoroughly. Odor and tartar can thus be eliminated.

For this, you can use white vinegar added to clear water, or hydrogen peroxide added to water.

Soak your gutters for at least 30 minutes, if not longer, before brushing them with a soft brush.

5. Brush the Invisalign aligners twice a day (With distilled water)

You can take care of your Invisalign aligners by brushing them twice a day, with a soft toothbrush and cold water.

Above all, do not use hot water. It is also possible to use a little toothpaste. Avoid whitening toothpaste, which is abrasive and can cause damage to your mouthpiece.

6. Use dental floss frequently (for teeth and without Invisalign)

When you remove your Invisalign mouthpiece, oral hygiene is a priority. You need to keep your teeth as clean as possible, and to do that always remember to floss to complete your cleaning.

Having clean teeth will affect the condition of your Invisalign aligner. So floss while you can on your natural teeth.

7. Do not eat or drink while wearing Invisalign

One of the instructions, when you wear an Invisalign mouthpiece, is to remove it while you eat. They were designed that way.

It is not only a way to eat more easily, but also to protect your aligners. By doing this, you will prevent residue from getting on the Invisalign trays.

8. Chew a mint to remove odors (without Invisalign)

If you find that wearing Invisalign is causing unpleasant odors, it may be worth chewing on a fresh mint.

Do this when you have removed your mouthpiece. Chewing a few mint leaves will freshen your breath and naturally eliminate strong odors.

III. How Often Should I Clean My Invisalign Trays?

Your Invisalign aligners must be cleaned often, at least twice a day to remain clean. It is important to note that the aligners must be worn for at least 20 hours each day.

Therefore, they can be contaminated by bacteria already present in the mouth. This is why it is important to clean your Invisalign aligners properly.

IV. Why do the Invisalign aligners stain?

Invisalign aligners are made of a medical-grade plastic called thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).

TPU is a very strong material, but it is also porous, which means that it can retain food particles, oils, and other substances that can cause staining.

In addition, many foods and beverages can cause yellowing, such as coffee, tea, red wine, and cigarettes.

V. How to Prevent Invisalign Trays from Staining

In addition to cleaning your Invisalign aligners daily, to avoid staining them you should also take certain steps.

For example, avoid consuming beverages other than water while you are wearing them. Drinks such as coffee or tea can indeed cause stains on your aligners.

How to Prevent Invisalign Trays from Staining

VI. What are the risks of not cleaning the stained Invisalign aligners?

The stained gutters Invisalign can be unsightly, but they can also shelter dangerous bacteria. These bacteria can cause bad breath, irritation of the gums, and other problems with oral health.

In addition, when bacteria accumulate on the trays, they can be transferred to your teeth and gums, increasing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

VII. Other Questions about cleaning Invisalign aligners

1. Can I Use My Invisalign for Teeth Whitening?

It is indeed possible to use Invisalign to have whiter teeth. For that, there is a whitening product that you can apply on one of the surfaces of the mouthpiece, before putting it on your teeth all night.

This process will guarantee that your teeth will be whiter after a few days.

2. Can the colored Invisalign with turmeric be easily cleaned?

Turmeric can indeed stain your braces. This is why it is recommended to drink only water when you wear your Invisalign and to remove it if you want to drink something else or eat.

To remove the turmeric marks on the Invisalign aligners, you can soak your Invisalign in water with vinegar for example.

3. Does baking soda remove stains from Invisalign?

Baking soda is a grandma’s method of cleaning teeth, which some people use to remove stains on Invisalign.

Simply make a paste with baking soda and water. Rub this paste on Invisalign with a soft toothbrush to remove the stains.

4. Why does my Invisalign taste like soap?

The aligners Invisalign are out of plastic, and it often tastes of plastic which people keep in their mouth when they carry it.

It is possible that your mouthpiece has a soap taste because you cleaned it with it, or because it was your hands that you washed with it before putting on your braces.

5. Can you clean Invisalign with rubbing alcohol?

If you want to clean your Invisalign, opt for white vinegar or baking soda. Before cleaning your Invisalign with methylated spirits, ask your orthodontist for advice. He will give you more details.

Personally, I do not recommend it at all.

6. Is it OK to use mouthwash with Invisalign?

It is not advised to use mouthwash on the Invisalign aligner. This product can damage the structure of your dentures.

On the other hand, you can use mouthwash on your natural teeth, when you clean them, after having removed your Invisalign.

Does Baking Soda Remove Stains From Invisalign

7. Can you clean Invisalign with dish soap?

Yes, you can for the cleaning of your Invisalign mouthpiece, use a little soap of Marseille, or washing-up liquid. They are rather soft products, which will not damage your dental apparatus.

8. Will smoking stain Invisalign attachments?

To maintain your aligners and make sure they last a long time, it is important not to smoke when you wear them.

Cigarette smoking is a maintenance risk for Invisalign aligners, so it is better if you can’t do without it, to remove your aligners before smoking.

9. Can you use Listerine strips with Invisalign?

Listerine strips melt on the tongue and allow to correct bad breath and to act on the bacteria present in the mouth.

When you wear an Invisalign device, consume only water. If you want to know if Listerine strips are safe, ask your orthodontist first.

10. Does Invisalign make your lips bigger?

Some people have indeed noted that wearing Invisalign has caused swelling of the upper lip for example.

It is possible that this happens, in particular the first days following the wearing of the device. But normally this phenomenon does not last, just the time of adaptation.

11. Can Invisalign give you dimples?

It is not noted that Invisalign can give dimples. These trays make it possible to realign the teeth suffering from malocclusion.

But it is true that the installation of dental appliances can have an impact on the shape of your face. If you notice significant facial changes, return to your dental surgeon.

12. Can I chew gum with Invisalign?

You should absolutely not eat chewing gum when you wear your Invisalign. Chewing gum would stick to the device. The advantage of wearing Invisalign is that you can remove it when you want to eat. Do this when you want to chew gum.

13. Can I drink coffee with a straw while wearing Invisalign?

Coffee is not a recommended beverage while wearing Invisalign. Not only can coffee stain your braces, but hot, it can also damage them.

By using a straw, you will avoid the coffee being in direct contact with your tray. This is one way to drink coffee while wearing your Invisalign. But it is best to remove it completely to enjoy your coffee, even with a straw.

Can I drink coffee with a straw while wearing Invisalign

14. Is Invisalign OK with lemon water?

When you wear your Invisalign aligners, avoid drinking anything that is not fresh water.

But it would seem that lemon water is not a real risk for the Invisalign aligners. Nevertheless, you can make sure of it with your orthodontist.

15. What foods should you avoid with Invisalign?

There is normally no food restriction when you wear Invisalign. This is possible because it is a removable prosthesis that you can thus remove when you want to eat something. But do not eat with your aligner in your mouth.